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Welcome to Pasa Enterprises - Manufacturers Of The Finest Australian Made Mattresses
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Welcome To Pasa Enterprises

Each beautifully created Mattress by Pasa Enterprises is developed with one ideal in mind, to provide a restful and reinvigorating night’s sleep. 

We also recognise that everyone is individual and has specific needs, so we offer a range of sleep systems to ensure that just like Peter Pasa, our founder, our customers say

“I just can’t wait to go to bed!”

Award Winning Mattress

How to choose a mattress 
There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a new mattress. Below are the main considerations, along with some advice on making that all important decision.Support

The correct support is essential, it reduces pressure on your spine, joints and especially your lower back. No longer does the medical profession believe that a firm bed is best. They now say, ‘correct support is best’, which means your heavier or pronounced body parts are absorbed by the mattress, and your spine and lower back is supported in the correct position.
This is down to personal choice, however, you no longer need to have a firm mattress to get the correct support.

High quality memory foam mattresses, or springs allow you to choose a medium firmness mattress and still enjoy excellent support.

What is a Body Signature?
Your body signature is the impression your body makes on the surface comfort layers of the mattress where the main weight of your body (your hip area) has been providing pressure on your mattress. Body signatures are normal and indicate that your mattress is adapting and conforming to your body shape. Your body signature is your body making your new mattress more comfortable. Like wearing in a new pair of shoes, you wear in your new mattress for greater comfort and support. It is important to note that it takes approximately 30 consecutive days of sleeping on your new mattress for your body to adjust to the feel and support of a new sleep system. It is normal for your body signature to cause a slight dip in your mattress and the middle area of your sleeping surface to be slightly raised.

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